Service as a Way of Life

There is no greater gift or talent than to be in service to others. The life of a Zion Guru is very rich with interpersonal, fulfilling experiences. The origins of this style of helping, this way of life, is rooted in an unstoppable urgency to connect humans with nature in a holistic way - body, mind, and spirit. As we connect with our humanity, we can see numerous arteries between nature and our health, happiness, values, and purpose on Earth.  It is this very rootedness to Earth that creates wholeness within us and it is this rootedness that feeds us through the darkest and bleakest of times.  Nature is the balance, and we as humans are the disruptors of it.  By returning to Nature, we return to ourselves, to balance - we become one with our own sanctuary, we become our own Zion.

Our gurus are quite varied in lifestyle, personality, and talent, but a common set of threads weave a fabric of compassion, brilliance, and inspiration. All that we do; canyoneering, outfitting, events, workshops and tours, are intricate parts of this bigger picture; manifesting a healthier, happier, more aware set of humans -ready to ignite the future. 

Joe Makouske - lead guide, canyoneering specialist

Chris Stevens - outfitting manager, reservation specialist, aspirant guide

Kevin Hort - business intern, outfitter, media specialist

Lizette Byer - outfitter, reservation specialist, coach

Lisa Benham - outfitter, interpretive hiking specialist

Leah Dietzen - outfitter, aspirant guide, manifester

Ivan Dietzen - greeter, enchanter, melter, wonder dog

Sean Hebner - outfitter, aspirant guide

Sarah Stratton - lead guide, group coordinator, VIP specialist

Scout Wilkins - outfitter, interpretive hiking guide, specialty women's events

Catrin Zambella - Atonka, visionary, soul companion, inspiring leader

Jonathan Zambella - founder, creator, lead guide, trainer, front lineman

Massimo Zambella - aspiring leader, north wind

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