NamaGuides is the preferred canyoneering and special event provider for ZionGuru - with shared ownership and core values derived from the same life pathways.  Nama has many meanings, 26 we have identified, but our use is that of source, the natural phenomena by which all life occurs. 

As NamaGuides we strive to move in balance with source, connecting humans with nature. This is not easy, but it is necessary for us to succeed in maintaining the Earth and preparing for our future generations. 

In 2012, NamaGuides was birthed as the maternal twin of Nama-Stay Vacation and Retreat home in Springdale. Founders, Atonka and Jonathan Zambella, were spurred by 16 years of adventuring and exploring Zion, developing outfitting, guided services and envisioning a world where all people move toward their highest life purpose in balance with nature. Jonathan's return clientele and expanding referrals launched a boutique guide and leadership development niche that is actively underlying all that Zion Guru provides.

In addition to canyoneering, climbing and adventure sports, NamaGuides delivers exclusive, referral, executive and VIP events in the Southwest and across the globe. For more details, to train as a NamaGuide, or to enquire about your next corporate retreat, please contact us via the form here.