Michael DeYoung is a landscape and adventure photography mentor, guide, and workshop instructor with a successful commercial photography career. Zion Guru collaborates with Michael and his extraordinary talents to offer private instruction, mentoring, and workshops in southern Utah. Our Zion National Park excursions offer captivating terrain, off-the-beaten path and secret destinations, slot canyons, and mega classics, such as the Zion Narrows.

Michael is one of the best outdoor-location-action-adventure photographers I know. And in his ‘Speedlights, camera, action lighting workshop’ I took, he taught and demonstrated his successful techniques for us all to learn. I came away with new knowledge I could put to practical use right away. He and his wife Lauri make a great teaching team.
— Jeff Schultz Official Photographer of the Iditarod since 1982 (Anchorage, AK)

Photography workshops in Utah's Zion National Park 

You will learn photo techniques that strengthen your outdoor photography and personal vision.

Topics covered in our photo workshops include travel photography, landscape, lighting (use of one or more flashes), and action photography.

Group sizes in our workshops are kept small, 9 or less, and the instructor shoots only to demonstrate technique. This leads to greater personal attention for each participant and in situ skill development.

Our format strives for a balanced mix of lecture, demonstrations, personalized instruction, and useful image critiques, with most of our time in the field getting the shots. Whenever possible, we utilize private property locations to minimize any disruptions while we have all our gear out and are learning a technique or practicing with talent.

  • Spring 2018 - Two-Day Landscape Intensive
    May 3 - 4, Two-Day Landscape Intensive - $395.00 tuition

  • Four-Day Landscape Comprehensive
    May 6 - 9, Four-Day Landscape Comprehensive - $995.00 tuition

        Oct. 21 - Oct. 27,  Four-Day Landscape Comprehensive           $995.00 tuition

Expand your vision, learn desert lighting skills, and gain confidence in your technique during these two- and four-day, field intensive/comprehensive workshops.

Lighting skills in the Zion Narrows

One-on-One or Private Group Photo Instruction


The short answer is ROI - your return on investment. Workshops are great and provide a unique group experience. We love them and they serve as a very valuable platform for learning and growing as a photographer with others. Private Instruction concentrates the learning and guidance with fewer distractions and custom content. All of our attention is focused on helping and guiding you. A group of 2 moves much more quickly than a group of 8, meaning more time shooting on location. If you don’t have time for a workshop, are not finding one that addresses what you want to learn, or you just prefer to learn in a private environment, then create your own one-day or multi-day workshop. We would love to help you!


  • PRIVATE PHOTO TOURS are best suited for photographers who have a good understanding of their digital SLR operation and a basic understanding of manual, shutter priority, or aperture priority exposure modes. We will take you to the most photogenic spots at the best times, based on your preferences, offering technical advice and lighting analysis on location to help you capture the best images of the day.

  • PRIVATE INSTRUCTION or mentoring, is ideal for intermediate and advanced shooters who prioritize improving as a photographer more than simply photographing the local area. Do you want to improve your landscape, action, environmental portrait and travel photography technique, creative and lighting skills, Lightroom and post production skills? Thinking about turning pro? Michael can help with portfolio reviews or business principles as well. If you are Canon shooter Michael can show you how to fine tune your camera and truly make it an extension of your creative eye.

RATES:  One-on-One = $600/day, 2 participants = $750/day, 3 participants = $950/day, 4 participants = $1100/day.


  • You can structure the day how best serves you, instruction or tour, or both
  • Hands-on Instruction with Michael
  • 10 hours including travel time to/from meeting location
  • Bottled water and snacks


Michael DeYoung is an established guest workshop instructor for Rocky Mountain School of Photography, teaching aspiring pros the business of outdoor photography.  His 20+ year commercial career involves working with other creative professionals, solving problems and creating imagery for advertising and national media.

Michael, along with his wife and photo assistant, Lauri, have been exploring Zion National Park every year since 2001. They know the light and land intimately. Workshop curriculum locations have been meticulously researched take you to the lesser-known but very photogenic places, avoiding crowds and capturing one-of-a-kind shots.