Rock Climbing in Zion National Park Area

Climbing is the ultimate sport of concentration, commitment, and balance. Through thoughtful instruction and practical application of techniques, beginner climbers can soon understand how to move over rock with grace and power. 

NPS rules expressly forbid guided rock climbing in Zion National Park, so all our climbing trips and courses takes place outside Park boundaries. We began running the first rock climbing trips in 1996 and sought out off-the-beaten path cliffs with incredible views and appropriate challenges. Hundreds of hours of development, in combination with many efforts from local climbers and collaborating guides, have yielded an impressive array of single- to multi-pitch, traditional, and sport climbs on limestone, sandstone, and basalt. 

We love to introduce folks to climbing and also offer training to help advancing climbers gain safety and efficiency in their climbing practice.

Half DaY

~ 4 hours of challenge and inspiration

Combine morning climbing with a Half-Day Canyon Quest or a hike in Zion National Park, such as Angels Landing, to create a perfect day of high-adventure. Climbs from 40 - 100', difficulty from easy to challenging. 6:30 to 9am, or 1:30 - 4pm starts (seasonally vary).


  • One on One:
  • 2 Climbers:
  • 3 Climbers:
  • 4 Climbers:
  • 5 Climbers:
  • 6 Climbers:
  • 7 Climbers:
  • 8 Climbers:
  • 9 Climbers:
  • 10 Climbers:
  • 11 Climbers:
  • 12 Climbers:

Full DaY

~ 7 hours of bliss on the rock

An immersion into the full scope of belaying, climbing, rappelling and the option for multi-pitch (> 200'). An excellent choice for both never-evers and aspiring climbers. We are able to deliver as many learning moments as desired; gear, movement, rope skills, lead-follow, etc.

  • One on One:       $500.00
  • 2 Climbers:         $270.00/person
  • 3 Climbers:         $185.00/person
  • 4 Climbers:         $175.00/person
  • 5 Climbers:         $165.00/person
  • 6 Climbers:         $155.00/person
  • 7 Climbers:         $145.00/person
  • 8 Climbers:         $135.00/person
  • 9 Climbers:         $130.00/person
  • 10 Climbers:        $125.00/person
  • 11 Climbers:         $120.00/person
  • 12 Climbers:         $115.00/person


2-5 days
From $200/person/day

When you climb multiple days in a row, your confidence and skill level grows exponentially. The Zion area offers many terrain options to create new challenges and visit new terrain each day. We also travel to special locations such as Red Rock, NV, Squamish, BC, Canada, Sierra California, and Joshua Tree, CA.