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Human Voice Workshop with Daniel Prieto

  • Nama-Stay Retreat 111 Juniper Lane Springdale, UT, 84767 United States (map)

For the 3rd year Zion Guru and Nama-Stay bring to you “The Human Voice Workshop with Daniel Prieto.” Zion Guru and Daniel are offering this empowering, life-changing workshop at Nama-Stay for a limit of 12 participants. To even take the power of the workshop further, Jonathan Zambella founder of Zion Guru will be accenting and integrating Daniel’s work with participants into the beauty, natural healing and energizing influence of majestic Zion National Park, UT.

We will combine our efforts to maximize your soul potential with both nature, sound and movement. We begin each day with yoga, hikes, walks, meditation, entering sound through the whole body, exulted through the voice with Daniel’s relentless, passionate guidance. Daniel is helping you awaken your true sonic sound current that is already within you, to powerfully manifest your destiny.

Daniel Prieto - choreographer, trainer, founder of the Human Voice project

Daniel Prieto - choreographer, trainer, founder of the Human Voice project

The human voice is physical. It involves muscles and uses the body as a medium and resonating chamber. In order to open up, it needs not only physical but also mental energy. This is the reason why the voice in its potential, is a true reflection of one’s personality – of one’s strength, weaknesses, tensions, and even inherited ancestral patters. Exploring the quality and the capacity of the voice by relaxing the body, focusing on the breath, and developing a continual contact with one’s emotional world are all measures which are important in the journey of self discovery. This exploration of the human voice is supportive to the fulfillment of the entire personality. The work done with Daniel Prieto and the Mosqueteros allows one to reclaim external and internal realms of the soul and to let one’s voice fill them all, freely.

Though very helpful to those who use their voice professionally, such as public speakers, singers, and performers, the Human Voice Workshop is for everyone. We have had myriad walks of life engage the work with incredible results for all. 

Workshop Cost: $695.00

Beginning at 2pm on Thursday, July 7th, and ending at 2pm on Sunday, July 10th, 2016.  Each day will involve 4 hours of indoor sessions, with breaks for rest, and short self-guided sessions in and around Zion National Park. As the sun sets and temperatures cool, we will enjoy evening walks and meditations in the surrounding area. Each morning we will host an optional "wake-up" yoga session to invigorate and enhance our day.

The workshop fee includes:

  • Yoga, Qigong, meditations, private vocal sessions, and the engrossing Human Voice curriculum with Daniel Prieto and Jonathan Zambella.
  • Guided day-trips in and around Zion National Park, which include walks, trail hikes, and mesa meditations.
  • Any outfitting needed for special excursions
  • Transportation for daily activities from Nama-Stay
  • Park entry fee of $15/person for those without a National or Zion Park Pass

The workshop fee DOES NOT include:

  • Accommodations -We recommend lodging at one of the many hotels in Springdale, all within a 5 minute drive or 10 minute walk of Nama-Stay. We recommend the LaQuinta Inn and Suites in SpringdaleQuality Inn Montclair, Desert Pearl, Under the Eaves (just 200 yards from Nama-Stay), and the suites at Cliffrose Lodge. Additionally, camping is available in Zion at the Watchman Campground or in Springdale at the Zion Canyon Campground.
  • Airfare nor ground transport to/from Springdale, UT. We suggest flying in/out of Las Vegas (LAS). They tend to have the best flights and inexpensive car rentals. Then it is a 2.5 hour car drive from LAS to Nama-Stay/Springdale. Closer-but often more difficult to find the right scheduled flights and price is Saint George Municipal Airport (SGU).  The main carrier is Delta and connects out of Salt Lake City (SLC) and Denver (DEN). From SGU it is an 1 hour car drive to Nama-Stay/Springdale. If you DO NOT want to rent a car, there is transport available via the Saint George Shuttle. If none of these options work for you, send us an email and we will try to help ease the logistics and help you arrive! Once in Springdale, you will not need to drive.  There is a free town shuttle and free park shuttle, and we will provide other necessary transportation during the Human Voice Workshop.