Your instructor Jade Skinner

Your instructor Jade Skinner

The Zion Yoga Experience

Presented by Push to Explore and Jade Skinner

Septemeber 5th - 9th 2019 join Push to Explore and Jade Skinner as we submerge ourselves in the beauty that is Zion. This retreat will be yoga and meditation focused but will also include day trips to rock climb, hike, and canyoneer. The goal of this trip is to push yourself mentally and physically while using Zion’s beautiful sandstone as a mirror to reflect one’s true strength.

Registration Cost $2,200 - What’s Included:

  • 4 night stay at Nama-Stay Retreat House

  • Meals (GF and Vegan friendly)

  • Personal yoga instruction

  • Experienced guides for all excursions

  • All climbing and canyoneering gear

For more details and to view complete itinerary visit Push to Explore or click Book Now to reserve your spot today.