Canyon Samadhi with Mirabai Ceiba
 MARCH 4-8, 2020
5 days, 4 nights

Join us for an intimate Canyon Samadhi with Mirabai Ceiba in the cathedral mountains of Zion National Park, Utah USA. 

This is an exclusive event. All other Mirabai Ceiba events have at least 60 to several hundred participants. This private experience allows you to gain a deep and personal relationship with the music, the mantra and Mirabai Ceiba. 

A 5-day active retreat into Nature. We will combine yoga, qigong, mediation, hiking and mantra. Immersing ourselves into the mountain and canyon spirits of our souls, you will be rejuvenated in your true nature. Through practice and a supportive, pure environment, we awaken with purpose and vision that will carry you with love, confidence and new strength through your life’s journey. Mirabai Ceiba have been sharing their musical mantra journeys around the globe. A gentle yet expansive spirit pervades all the music of Mirabai Ceiba. Markus Sieber and Angelika Baumbach are the duo of Mirabai Ceiba, it is their profound belief that music is the language that can unite all the worlds people, culture and traditions. Their music is a small part of their overall gifts and this North American Samadhi offering begins to share the breadth of their talent in combining music, movement, and nature to heal, expand, and grow body, mind and spirit.

Atonka and Jonathan Zambella are woven into the program offering deep connection to Zion's spirit and the exploration of mind-body connections in nature. Both practicing/teaching healing arts of Qigong, Tao, and leading groups in nature.  

Together the two couple balance and compliment each others gifts seamlessly providing a life-emancipating experience to participants. We very much look forward to becoming friends with you in this journey.

Sample Samadhi Program

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Day One - Arrival / Receiving the Gift of Zion
4 - 6pm - check-in at Nama-Stay
6 - 9:30pm - evening welcome at Nama-Stay with light dinner and evening mantra/meditation concert opening with a Mandala creation

Day Two / Walking in the River of Life ( Narrows )
7am - morning Sadhana at Nama-Stay with Gely and Markus
9:00am - breakfast
10:30am - ready for the Narrows, day activity with Jonathan
6:30pm - dinner by Chef Lee
8pm - chanting & evening meditation with Gely and Markus

Day Three / Going Deeper into the Canyons of Ourselves
6am - morning Sadhana at Nama-Stay with Gely and Markus
8am - breakfast
11am - ready for the Canyoneering activity with Jonathan
7pm - dinner by Chef Lee
8pm - chanting & evening meditation with Gely and Markus

Day Four / Angels land on Earth all the Time
6am - morning Sadhana at Nama-Stay with Gely and Markus
8am - breakfast with Sarah and Atonka
10am - ready for the Angels Landing hiking activity with Jonathan
7pm - dinner with Sarah and Atonka
8pm - chanting & evening meditation with Gely and Markus

Day Five - Departures / Rise and Shine
6am - morning Sadhana sunrise hike to with Jonathan and Markus
8:30am - closing ceremony by the Virgin River with all
11:00am - brunch with Chef Lee
12pm - Check-out of lodging and departures

Journeys into and around Zion National Park for hiking, canyoneering and explorations last 3 - 4 miles, 5 - 6 hours round trip*.

*Zion's surrounding wilderness is often unimproved, with rugged trails and remote access, we can be out 5 - 6 hours with improved restroom facilities. We always can use Leave No Trace Ethics for relief in the wilderness, and your guides will address this each day specific to each location. There is note wilderness guiding permitted in Zion National Park, thus our canyoneering and wilderness activities occur on licensed public and private lands adjacent to Zion National Park.

Retreat Details

The Retreat starts at Nama-Stay, Wednesday at 6pm and ends on Sunday at 11am. In this retreat we will combine each day with hikes, walks, meditations, and explorations in and around Zion National Park under the expert guidance of Jonathan Zambella owner of Zion Guru.  We will vary the daily excursions to match the groups abilities.  In previous events we have been able to hike the Zion Narrows Bottom-Up and go canyoneering with incredible chanting opportunities, weather and conditions permitting.


  • No previous yoga or meditation experience required

  • Able to walk on natural uneven terrain 3 - 6 miles per day

  • Adventurous in nature. We spend considerable time outdoors 6 - 8 hours per day

  • Interested in self-growth and consciousness

  • Open to learning and growing with others

  • Best to arrange travel plans to check-in at Nama-Stay by 4pm Wednesday March 6th, 2019

  • Best to not to plan to depart Springdale, UT before 1pm, Sunday March 10th, 2019.

What to Bring

  1. Comfortable stretchy clothes for hiking and meditating

  2. 2 x 1 Liter Water bottle for refilling (we provide amazing 800 year old spring water)

  3. Sun hat, sun glasses, sunscreen for daily hikes/walks

  4. Small daypack for water, snacks, yoga mat

  5. Comfortable light footwear for walks PLUS sturdy footwear for off-trail hikes

  6. Rain Jacket

  7. Warm layers for evenings and possible cool weather (fleece, puffy jacket, hat, gloves)

  8. Yoga mat and meditation cushion (optional - we have plenty)

  9. Camera for photos during outings

  10. Daily Temperatures during the event could be as low as 30˚F at night and as high as 75˚F during the day. Please pack accordingly. If you need further recommendations for packing please let us know.

Retreat Cost
One $1195.00/person ---- Couples (or friends registering together) $2100/2
25% deposit secures your registration. Balance due 90 days prior.

Lodging at Nama-Stay and Zion Vacation Home, joined properties creating a community experience throughout the event (Prices reflect entire stay rate including 13.37% lodging tax)


Nama-Stay Suites - (SOLD OUT) - Contemporary European-styled private Suites with single king bed, mini-kitchen, private bath, patios, and amazing views. Built in 2019.
Single Occupancy: $1065.68
Double Occupancy: $1179.05

Nama-Stay Cabins - Incredibly cute contemporary cabins with single queen bed, private bath, elevated decks, gaping views of the West Temple. (Currently under construction)
Single Occupancy: $793.59
Double Occupancy: $906.96

Nama-Stay Ensuites - Zen style, double queen beds with private baths, built in 1987, renovated in 2018, with large shared kitchens, living room, outdoor patios and seating.
Single Occupancy: $793.59
Double Occupancy: $906.96

Nama-Stay Standard Rooms - Private rooms with queen or twin beds inside our retreat homes with shared baths, large kitchen areas, large living room and outdoor patio and seating areas.
Single Occupancy: $538.51
Double Occupancy: $623.54

Other lodging options available. Please call Jonathan or email him below:


Now Taking Reservations for 2020 - Submit form below for more details

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The Retreat Fee Includes:

  • Yoga, Qigong, meditations, chants, and Samadhi activities with Mirabai Ceiba and Atonka & Jonathan Zambella

  • Guided and self-guided day-trips in and around Zion National Park, which include hikes, slot canyons, and mesa meditations

  • Any outfitting needed for special excursions for canyon hikes and the Zion Narrows

  • Delicious, organic, ovo/lacto-vegetarian breakfasts, lunches, and dinners (yogurt, cheese, eggs optionally available)

  • Transportation for daily activities from Nama-Stay

  • Park entry fee of $15/person

  • Free Camping (bring your own tent and sleeping gear)

Lodging Options:

  • We have amazing lodging options for you to attend! Please contact us above and we will help package the best option for your budget and housing needs.

The retreat fee DOES NOT include:

  • This is not a Yoga-intensive workshop. We practice forms of yoga each day to compliment the other activities, but our primary focus is bringing deeper connection to body, mind, and nature.

  • Airfare nor ground transport to/from Springdale, UT. We suggest flying in/out of Las Vegas (LAS). They tend to have the best flights and inexpensive car rentals. Then it is a 2.5 hour car drive from LAS to Nama-Stay/Springdale. Closer-but often more difficult to find the right scheduled flights and price is Saint George Municipal Airport (SGU). The main carrier is Delta and connects out of Salt Lake City (SLC) and Denver (DEN). From SGU it is an 1 hour car drive to Nama-Stay/Springdale. If you DO NOT want to rent a car, there is transport available via the Saint George Shuttle. If none of these options work for you, send us an email and we will try to help ease the logistics and help you arrive! Once in Springdale, you will not need to drive. There is a free town shuttle and free park shuttle, and we will provide other necessary transportation during the Samadhi. Pick up from Saint George is offered by Zion Guru for $50/person each way (1 hour drive).

  • Cancellations - to reserve your place full payment is required, with all but a $150 service fee refundable up to 90 days in advance. Cancellations within 90 days are non-refundable for any reason. We highly encourage travel insurance!