Zion Narrows equipment rentals
and guided tours in and around
Zion National Park, Utah.

We help you with the What, Where, and How so you can explore the "Why."


Outfitting "Subway" Hikers, ZIon


 Nature constantly sends us messages, and if we listen to nature, we can better listen to ourselves. Nature is the root of our inspiration and we know you can have an amazing experience when you engage with nature.

East Side, Zion National Park


Our aim is to help you be self-guided on your visit to Zion. We take time to educate, so you have the confidence to visit Zion safely and happily. The way we engage you and nature is a big reason our clients return again and again. 

Mount Kinesava, Zion National Park


We believe time in nature sparks and nourishes our connection to the earth and our deepest held beliefs. From outfitting to guided tours, we feed you with patience, kindness, and expertise, connecting you to Zion's natural wonders.

Guest Experiences...


The Right Gear for The Narrows and Beyond

Zion Guru's owner, Jonathan Zambella, leads the way innovating the right gear and educational tools for hiking the Zion Narrows and Utah's myriad canyons. We outfit you with gear and information so you can have an amazing visit in Zion National Park. We are invested, inspired, and poised to help you maximize your time here. We outfit daily for the Zion Narrows, trail hiking, and self-guided canyoneering; provide custom trailhead shuttles for hiking and canyoneeing adventures; and aid in trip planning, helping you find the perfect activity for your group.


Hiking + Climbing + Rappelling + Desert Passages = Canyoneering


In 1996, Zion Guru owner Jonathan Zambella opened the first canyoneering guide service in the Zion National Park area. More than 22 years later, Zambella and his guides continue to help thousands of people explore and enjoy the wonders of desert slot canyons, from the inside out. Join us for an intimate, adventurous discovery of some of the best canyoneering terrain on the planet with guides who know how to unlock  "amazing" on every trip. All near Zion National Park.


Rock Climbing: A Vertical Path to Body-Mind Connection


The connection of body, mind and spirit is practiced, humbled and perfected in climbing.  Like yoga on-rope, rock climbing allows you to live hundreds of moments in inches of progress. 


Even a first-time climber can experience enormous success on Day One.

Multi-pitch rock climbing takes you hundreds of feet off the ground, but closer to your self.


Summits come in all different sizes, as do climbers.


You have a friend in Zion

Guru has roots in Sanskrit and Vedic traditions, meaning "dispeller of darkness" or "teacher." These bold ideas help shape the mission of Zion Guru: To help you see everyone is a Guru. Being in the outdoors, learning about one's self, one's limits, and one's abilities to overcome inspires self-learning and helping others to learn. At Zion Guru, we endeavor to tap into the pure energy source of Mother Earth to deliver customer-centric outfitting and events in ways which connect you with self and rekindle your love for nature. It's what we do for our friends and family, and what we do for you: help you find the Guru within.